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It all started when Kristine decided to upload a video of her twins putting themselves to bed to share with extended family out of state. Imagine her shock when she went to see her video a few weeks later only to discover it had over a million views! This video is what sparked the entire Family Fun Pack channel, which has set this family off on some pretty fun and crazy adventures. In the beginning, Kristine did all of the filming and editing. A few million subscribers ago, though, she couldn’t keep up with the demand and so recruited first Matt and then Heather to help film and edit as well. Kristine is extremely musical and has perfect pitch, just like Alyssa. Kristine plays the piano, clarinet, xylophone, a few other instruments, and sings. If Kristine could pick any other career, it would be a zoo keeper, but mostly a zoo keeper for dogs. She would adopt every dog in the world if Matt would let her…but he has put his foot down at 2 dogs. Kristine secretly reads ads in the paper and watches carefully on facebook for posts of missing dogs she can go “find” and rescue. When not taking care of 6 kids, running the FFP channel (as well as her kids’ channels!), helping kids with homework and music, keeping the floors clean by vacuuming (her favorite hobby besides scrapbooking), Kristine loves to watch reality tv like Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother. Kristine is the oldest herself of 6 kids and is very close to all of her siblings as well as her own parents. Her greatest hope is that her kids will all grow up and live next door, so she can have a million grandkids to dote upon. Be sure to subscribe to Family Fun Pack to see more of Kristine!

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Matt is one lucky guy who married an awesome girl named Kristine. Originally from Texas, Matt has come to see the value of living in California and appreciates the amazing weather and attractions California has to offer. The younger boys must get their goofy natures from their dad, because one of his favorite things to do is make up jokes and puns. The other day, he asked the kids **INSERT SOME PUN MATT MADE UP**. The boys have also gotten their dance moves from Matt—he is a fantastic dancer known to bust a move at any given time at literally any location. Matt is also extremely musical, playing the saxophone as well as the piano, and he sings. If Matt could pick a different job, he would be a researcher. Matt is very thorough in all of his decisions, from where to vacation to where to get the best deal on just about anything. Matt takes care of Kona and Hana and can often be found cuddling with one or the other. When Owen cries at night, it’s Matt who wakes up to make him a bottle. Kristine has offered to print him a certificate stating “World’s Best Husband” but he modestly refused. Instead, he drinks out of his “World’s Best Dad” mug every morning. Matt is a very loving father who used to also teach math in public school (he has his Master’s Degree!!) When not helping the kids with school work, taking care of the dogs, taking out the trash, being a clown in skits, vacuuming the cars, etc etc Matt enjoys watching movies like ‘The Three Amigos’. Matt habla español con fluidez, lo cual aprendió mientras vivió en Argentina durante un par de años. Be sure to subscribe to Family Fun Pack to see more of Matt!

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11 years old

At eleven years old, Alyssa clocks in as the oldest child in the Fun Pack family, with 5 little brothers underneath her! She doesn’t let all those boys stop her from loving anything pink, sparkly or rainbow, though. She also has a never-ending love for pineapples. Seriously. She has been known to say if she could take a bath in pineapple juice, she would. Alyssa also plays the piano, guitar, clarinet and sings. When not doing homework or practicing one of her instruments, Alyssa enjoys drawing some of her favorite animals like foxes, horses and dogs. She also loves pretend play outside or in her room—her brothers love doing pretend play games with her. Sports are also an area of great fun for Alyssa, with soccer being one of her favorites. Alyssa has her own channel, called “Always Alyssa”, where she shares fun and creative videos with her fans. Make sure you subscribe by clicking here!

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9 years old

Nine year old David has the most infectious laugh out of the entire family. With his silly personality, he is sure to turn any situation into a fun one. David is a fantastic big brother. David also has a huge heart and is always looking out for his younger brothers, helping to keep them out of trouble, or at least participating in the trouble to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand (example: huge paint fight!). David is very musical and loves to play his guitar or piano and sing. David also loves athletics; his favorite sports are soccer, baseball and basketball. Some of his favorite activities include swimming, art, and science. Be sure to check out his channel, called “Dude it’s David” and see some of the cool stuff he has been up to! Subscribe by clicking here.

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7 years old

Zachary is the oldest of a set of identical twins. He and his twin brother Chris are best friends and do everything together. Zac loves to play his ukulele, but when he isn’t strumming sweet sounds, he can be found sitting at the piano or singing along to his favorite songs. Zac’s favorite subjects in school are art and math. Zac really loves animals, and his favorites are dogs, specifically huskies and golden retrievers. When Zac grows up, he wants to live with mommy forever. Zac plays on the same sports teams as Chris, and they are an amazing dynamic duo. Zac enjoys playing basketball, soccer and baseball. Zac is very silly and is always dressing up and inventing funny skits to perform with Chris. Zac and Chris share an awesome channel together called “Twin Time”. Be sure to check them out and remember to subscribe!

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7 years old

Christopher is the second born out of a set of identical twins. At seven years old, Chris is in 2nd grade and really loves school. His favorite parts of school are math and art. Chris also loves the sports baseball and soccer. He can’t pick which one is his favorite because he likes both so much. If Chris could be any animal, it would probably be some kind of fish because he loves swimming so much! If he could convince his parents to heat their pool year round, he would, just so he could swim even during winter. Chris is very talented at playing the ukulele, piano and singing. Chris also loves learning about animals. He loves sharing new facts he has learned about animals with whoever will listen to him. When he grows up, Chris wants to work with animals. Zac and Chris share an awesome channel together called “Twin Time”. Be sure to check them out and remember to subscribe!

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4 years old

One of Michael’s first nicknames was ‘love’, because he is a BIG love! Michael loves to cuddle, hug, give lots and lots of kisses and pay everyone around him compliments all the time. Michael is 4 years old and is starting pre-k soon. One of his mom’s favorite moments with Michael is when he wrote his first “M” and started to cry because it wasn’t perfectly shaped. Michael loves Disneyland and would live there if he could. When he grows up, he wants to be either a storm trooper or a police man. But he doesn’t want to have pepper spray sprayed in his eyes (he learned this from his uncle’s experiences in the police academy). Michael’s favorite color is teal, orange, peach, green, black, white, purple, pink, blue, yellow and red, in no particular order. His favorite animals are puppies, foxes, tigers, leopards, hyenas, owls and bears. Oh wait, fish and sharks too! And octopuses and spiders and sea spiders. Suffice it to say, Michael loves animals! He loves to read books with Auntie HeHe and watch shows on Netflix with her like Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, Ninjago and Star Wars. Michael is known to have the cleanest room in the family. He is a very organized 4 year old. Michael has his own amazing channel called “Michael’s Magical Playhouse”. Be sure to check it out and subscribe by clicking here!

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12 months old

Owen is the youngest member from the Fun Pack clan and is probably kissed about 100 times a day, minimum. He has the cutest kissable cheeks and the chubbiest thighs of any baby we have ever seen. When not being cuddled by mommy or daddy, he has 5 siblings all lined up to take a turn snuggling as well as a nana, papa, and several aunties and uncles who all want a piece of this adorable baby. Owen has big beautiful eyes and loves to take naps cuddling one of his many special blankets. His giant gummy smile is sure to bring a grin to anyone nearby. Owens favorite food is milk. His favorite color is cream. When Owen grows up, he wants to be a dairy farmer, because he loves milk so much! His favorite pastime is napping. When not eating or sleeping, Owen can be found playing with his favorite toys, which are scattered throughout the living room. Owen doesn’t have a channel yet, but when he does we will tell you!

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Aunt "HeHe"

Heather, or “HeHe” as the fun pack kids call her, lives with her sister Kristine and all of the fun pack clan. Heather is the brains behind all of the amazing thumbnails you see on the YouTube videos. When not helping film, or being one of her favorite characters named “Granny” in videos, Heather loves to read and watch reruns of Star Trek. Heather has an incredibly smart dog that has made many appearances on Family Fun Pack named Meg (or Houdini Dog). The kids love Meg so much that most of their stuffed animals are named “puppy Meg”, courtesy of Michael. She also loves being with her niece and nephews all the time and playing with them or taking them on walks or to fun places like Disneyland. All of the siblings in Heather and Kristine’s family are very musical; everyone sings and plays the piano as well as an additional instrument or two. Heather loves to play the clarinet. Auntie HeHe has been known to play a joke or two on the kids (anyone want a cake pop?) but is also a very loving auntie. She lets Michael wipe his face on her when he’s been sad, or bandages up kids who scrape their knees or step on thorns. When Kristine can’t watch someone getting their lip stitched (remember this video with Chris?) Auntie HeHe goes along to keep an eye on things, even if it’s at one in the morning. Heather loves cooking giant family meals for everyone, and Kristine is pretty sure that Heather has perfected the recipe for lasagna. Heather also has a YouTube channel that focuses on travel; you should check it out, it’s called Ground Travel!

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Kona & Hana

8 and 2 years old

Kona and Hana are golden retrievers who love living with their people, Family Fun Pack. Kona was their dog before they had even uploaded their first YouTube video, that’s how long she’s been in the family! Hana was given as a gift to Michael when he turned 3 years old. She is an English Cream Golden. Family Fun Pack loves Hawaii, which is why both of their dogs are named after places in Hawaii. Hana and Kona are best friends and spend all of their time together. They also enjoy visiting their other best friend, Meg. Hana LOVES to swim, while Kona prefers to just stand in the shallow end. Their pastimes include eating kibbles, taking long naps, and playing tug-of-war with toys.

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