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Age: 7
Favorite Animal: owls
Favorite Color: red & blue

Christopher is the second born out of a set of identical twins.  At seven years old, Chris is in 2nd grade and really loves school.  His favorite parts of school are math and art.  Chris also loves the sports baseball and soccer.  He can’t pick which one is his favorite because he likes both so much.  If Chris could be any animal, it would probably be some kind of fish because he loves swimming so much!  If he could convince his parents to heat their pool year round, he would, just so he could swim even during winter.  Chris is very talented at playing the ukulele, piano and singing.  Chris also loves learning about animals. He loves sharing new facts he has learned about animals with whoever will listen to him.  When he grows up, Chris wants to work with animals.  Zac and Chris share an awesome channel together called “Twin Time”.  Be sure to check them out and remember to subscribe!