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Favorite Animal: horse (Friesian) and Pluto (the Disney dog)
Favorite color: blue


Heather, or “HeHe” as the fun pack kids call her, lives with her sister Kristine and all of the fun pack clan.  Heather is the brains behind all of the amazing thumbnails you see on the YouTube videos.  When not helping film, or being one of her favorite characters named “Granny” in videos, Heather loves to read and watch reruns of Star Trek.  Heather has an incredibly smart dog that has made many appearances on Family Fun Pack named Meg (or Houdini Dog).  The kids love Meg so much that most of their stuffed animals are named “puppy Meg”, courtesy of Michael.  She also loves being with her niece and nephews all the time and playing with them or taking them on walks or to fun places like Disneyland.  All of the siblings in Heather and Kristine’s family are very musical; everyone sings and plays the piano as well as an additional instrument or two.  Heather loves to play the clarinet.  Auntie HeHe has been known to play a joke or two on the kids (anyone want a cake pop?) but is also a very loving auntie.  She lets Michael wipe his face on her when he’s been sad, or bandages up kids who scrape their knees or step on thorns.  When Kristine can’t watch someone getting their lip stitched (remember this video with Chris?) Auntie HeHe goes along to keep an eye on things, even if it’s at one in the morning.  Heather loves cooking giant family meals for everyone, and Kristine is pretty sure that Heather has perfected the recipe for lasagna.  Heather also has a YouTube channel that focuses on travel; you should check it out, it’s called Ground Travel!