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Age: 4
Favorite Animal:  See below
Favorite Color: See below
One of Michael’s first nicknames was ‘love’, because he is a BIG love!  Michael loves to cuddle, hug, give lots and lots of kisses and pay everyone around him compliments all the time.  Michael is 4 years old and is starting pre-k soon.  One of his mom’s favorite moments with Michael is when he wrote his first “M” and started to cry because it wasn’t perfectly shaped.  Michael loves Disneyland and would live there if he could.  When he grows up, he wants to be either a storm trooper or a police man.  But he doesn’t want to have pepper spray sprayed in his eyes (he learned this from his uncle’s experiences in the police academy).  Michael’s favorite color is teal, orange, peach, green, black, white, purple, pink, blue, yellow and red, in no particular order.  His favorite animals are puppies, foxes, tigers, leopards, hyenas, owls and bears.  Oh wait, fish and sharks too!  And octopuses and spiders and sea spiders.  Suffice it to say, Michael loves animals!  He loves to read books with Auntie HeHe and watch shows on Netflix with her like Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, Ninjago and Star Wars.  Michael is known to have the cleanest room in the family. He is a very organized 4 year old.  Michael has his own amazing channel called “Michael’s Magical Playhouse”.  Be sure to check it out and subscribe by clicking here!