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Age: baby
Favorite Animal:  cows
Favorite Color:  cream or milk white

Owen is the youngest member from the Fun Pack clan and is probably kissed about 100 times a day, minimum.  He has the cutest kissable cheeks and the chubbiest thighs of any baby we have ever seen.  When not being cuddled by mommy or daddy, he has 5 siblings all lined up to take a turn snuggling as well as a nana, papa, and several aunties and uncles who all want a piece of this adorable baby.  Owen has big beautiful eyes and loves to take naps cuddling one of his many special blankets.  His giant gummy smile is sure to bring a grin to anyone nearby.  Owens favorite food is milk.  His favorite color is cream.  When Owen grows up, he wants to be a dairy farmer, because he loves milk so much!  His favorite pastime is napping.  When not eating or sleeping, Owen can be found playing with his favorite toys, which are scattered throughout the living room.  Owen doesn’t have a channel yet, but when he does we will tell you!